Want to win a Hatchimals Surprise toy? Enter here!

/ Source: TODAY

One of the hottest toys of the holiday season is back: Hatchimals! They're cute creatures inside an egg that eventually hatch on their own.


Starting on Oct. 6, a new set of Hatchimals Surprise toys will be available in stores across the country and online. Each new Hatchimals Surprise egg will contain double the fun: a set of fraternal or identical twins!

Kids will need to nurture the Hatchimals Surprise eggs to help them hatch and then continue to play with the creatures in order for them to progress from baby to toddler to kid.

That's not all! Hatchimals is also unveiling two new species as part of this launch— Giraven (a combination of a giraffe and a raven) and Peacat (a combination of a peacock and a cat).

To celebrate, we're giving away five Hatchimals Surprise toys to some lucky fans.

UPDATE: This contest is now closed.

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