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'Walking Dead' star Christian Serratos shuts down breastfeeding haters

The actress, who shared a photo of herself with her newborn recently on Instagram, had a strong response to the critical comments.
/ Source: TODAY

We're not entirely sure about the type of person who takes enough offense at a breastfeeding mom to post something negative on her Instagram page about it, but they are not like us.

Christian Serratos, who stars as Rosita on "The Walking Dead," likely agrees. After posting a partial photo of her face and the back of her little one's head as she breastfed on Wednesday, Serratos got a raft of critics posting about the image.

If they were meant to shame or embarrass her, let's just say the comments had the opposite effect. Like actress Amanda Seyfried, a fellow new mom who posted her support for breastfeeding mothers on Twitter earlier this week, Serratos bounced back with a tart reply to those who had the temerity to suggest that she keep breastfeeding to herself:

Our favorite part about that picture? Aside from the baby, the fact that she's a true multi-tasking mom in it!

Serratos has kept many details about her baby private; the 26-year-old only refers to her as "W," and the baby's father is New Politics singer David Boyd. She announced the baby's birth on Mother's Day, but little "W" appeared to already be a few weeks old.

She's not alone. From moms who are shamed at the pool for breastfeeding to women who are asked to cover up while at the tax office, public breastfeeding is at the center of an ongoing controversy. Those who see it as a necessary biological function have a hard time agreeing with those who can only see it in a sexual context, and vice-versa.

Christian Serratos as Rosita on "The Walking Dead."Gene Page/ AMC

Celebrities are not exempt from that shaming, it seems — like non-celebrity women — they are learning how to be out and proud when duty calls with a little one. In April, Pink was happy to breastfeed while out hiking.

So, cheers to Serratos for standing up to haters. If she can take out zombies on a regular basis on her show, she can definitely handle a few internet trolls!

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