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By Alexandra Zaslow

One waitress found her guardian angel while working a shift at WingHouse in Largo, Florida, on Wednesday.

An older couple, who have chosen to remain anonymous, spent their meal getting to know Kari Vanardoy, 22, and found out that she’s been working two jobs to save up money so she can move into a bigger apartment with her boyfriend and 2-year-old son Dominic.

Kari Vanardoy says a generous couple changed her life.Kari Vanardoy

By the end of the meal, she was asking if she could hug the couple to thank them for the $1,000 tip they left on their $29 bill.

“At first I thought it was a $10 tip, but then I saw all the zeros and was shocked,” Vanardoy told “When they told me it was for my son I started crying.”

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With the money, she was able to move into a bigger apartment and even had some cash left over for furniture.

The woman told Vanardoy that she was her guardian angel and gave the waitress the couple's number, saying if Vanardoy ever needed anything, she should reach out.

Vanardoy says she started to cry when the couple told her they were giving her the money for her son, pictured here.Kari Vanardoy

This isn’t the first time that same couple has given a generous tip. At a nearby WingHouse, they once gave another waitress a $500 tip.

“They asked me to pay it forward, so I plan to do that eventually when I can,” Vanardoy said.

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She’s excited to send them pictures of the house once they settle in.

“They should see what their money was used for,” she said. “They’ve made us really happy.”