The ridiculously cheesy music video Christmas card you want to hate but can't

Viral Video: Will Smith Jammies Christmas Card
Viral Video: Will Smith Jammies Christmas CardYouTube / Today

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By Carina Belles

Sorry guys, but this family officially has a cooler Christmas card than you.

Holiday cards can be tricky to get right—they're a little old-fashioned and it's hard not to sound insuferrably braggy when you're talking about the year's achievements. But the Holderness family of Raleigh, North Carolina managed to get it right. Way right.

A parody of Will Smith's "Miami," "Christmas Jammies," rapped expertly by dad, manages to cover everything from younger son Penn's role in a school play, to mom's part in Iron-Man 3 (seriously!), while the entire family frolicks around the neighborhood in matching pajamas. It's pretty much perfect—so it's no wonder that mom and dad also announce that they're starting their own media company. Now that's what we call effective self-promotion.

Watch the video below, and excuse us while this gets stuck in our heads all day.

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A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.