This little sister is so not impressed with a Disney surprise trip

Viral Video: Lily's Disneyland Surprise....Again
Viral Video: Lily's Disneyland Surprise....AgainYouTube / Today

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By Lesley Kennedy

A couple of years ago, a mom surprised her daughter, Lily, with the ultimate birthday gift for any 6-year-old: a trip to Disneyland. Mom recorded the girl’s unexpected reaction (she bursts into tears—make that sobs) and the video (below) has now drawn in nearly 13 million views on YouTube, making it one of the best (and, some might argue, somewhat meanest) Disney surprises ever.

And, now, in the immortal words of Britney Spears: Oops, they did it again. It’s two years later, and this time, on the way to school, Mom baits the same girl—who is in the car bemoaning the fact that she's headed to class—eventually spilling that they’re ditching and heading to Disneyland. Lily’s reaction? Again with the tears.

Now, this video is sure to go viral, too, but can someone explain to us why people do this? We just don’t get it, and, most hilariously of all, neither does Lily’s little sis, Chloe. (And neither did these little boys.) You can almost hear her eyes rolling as she stars back and forth between her mom and her sister incredulously. Like, What. Is. Happening? What is it with these people?

Is there something wrong with just heading to the theme park without turning it into a freak-out session? We’re with Chloe here: First time funny, second time lame.

Third time? Mom gets grounded.

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A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.