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Viral napping duo Theo and Beau welcome baby sister to adorable photos

Instagram via @mommasgonecity

What could be cuter than a kid and his pup taking a nap together? Adding a baby to the mix, of course!

In case you don't remember Theo and Beau: They're the dynamic napping duo who took the Internet by storm in 2013 when their mother, Jessica Shyba, shared photos of their adorable naps together on her Instagram page.

Now the duo has become a trio! Jessica's latest photos feature their pup Theo, her son, Beau, and his new sister, Evvie.

Here are some of our favorites from the napping trio.

1. "Choosing to exist in the peace they bring (and trying not to hope for this trifecta each day!) #theondbeau #theoandevvie"

2. "Magic in Multiples #triplenap #theoandbeau #theoandevvie"

3. "Oh, Theo. #triplenap #theoandbeau #theoandevvie

4. "If only all Mondays could feel like this. #theoandbeau #theoandevvie #triplenap"

5. "The puppy is the happiest of all in this scenario.#theoandbeau #theoandevvie #napwizard"

6. "Peaceful on the outside, revelry within. #theondbeau #theoandevvie"

7. "Victory is sweet #theoandbeau #theoandevvie #ridiculous #triplenap"

8. "The family that naps together... #theoandbeau #theoandevvie #napwizard"

9. "Three, it's a magic number. #theoandbeau #theoandevvie #napwizard"

10. "They played dress up with big sis all morning#theoandbeau #aftermath"

While the napping photos are very sweet, experts caution that safe sleeping practices include not using soft bedding, blankets or pillows in the baby’s sleeping area, and always putting babies on their backs to sleep.  The CPSC website has more safe sleep information.


Theo and Beau

We've rounded up some of the cutest photos of this toddler and puppy napping duo. Let the squealing commence!