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'The Bachelor's' Vienna Girardi reveals high-risk pregnancy, gender of twins

"The Bachelor" alum Vienna Girardi is facing a dramatic new reality over her pregnancy with twins — a condition that could lead to surgery.
/ Source: TODAY

“The Bachelor” season fourteen winner Vienna Girardi is facing a dramatic new reality over her pregnancy.

The 31-year-old Orlando-based recruiter, who is due to give birth for the first time this winter, revealed to US Weekly on Wednesday that the identical twins she’s expecting are girls. Though she says the babies’ gender is exactly what she hoped for, her pregnancy isn’t entirely going according to script.

“I can’t really work out because I have a high-risk pregnancy,” Girardi told the celebrity magazine. “My first trimester was really difficult because I had no appetite at all.”

The twin girls are “monochorionic diamniotic,” according to the reality star, which means they share a placenta and can end up competing for nutrients.

“One baby can potentially take more from the other, so I have monitoring every two weeks,” Girardi told US Weekly. “The moment doctors see one growing bigger, there’s a surgery they can do.”

As TODAY previously reported, Girardi announced to her Instagram followers in early June that she was expecting twins with race car driver Todd Allen, to whom she got engaged last year.

Girardi, who was married once before her reality television days, had been previously engaged to “The Bachelor” star Jake Pavelka in March 2010 after she received the final rose at the end of season fourteen. But the pair split three months later.

Now, despite her medical issue, life really does feel like a bed of roses.

“Honestly, I wanted girls. I thought they were boys until I started picking out nurseries,” Girardi told US Weekly. “I put pictures side by side and I looked at them and realized I picked out seven girl nurseries! It was psychological.”