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'Bachelor' alum Vienna Girardi opens up about losing twins in miscarriage

During an episode of "The Doctors," former "Bachelor" contestant Vienna Girardi opened up about losing twin daughters in a heartbreaking miscarriage.
/ Source: TODAY

Former "Bachelor" star Vienna Girardi is opening up about the heartbreaking miscarriage that caused her to lose her twin daughters.

Girardi, who became engaged and later broke things off with Jake Pavelka after meeting on Season 14 of "The Bachelor," shared details about her agonizing ordeal on a recent episode of "The Doctors."

The reality star announced in June that she and her race-car driver fiancé, Todd Allen, were expecting twins. Two months later, Girardi revealed she had lost both babies.

"I found out about six months ago that I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to be a mom. At eight weeks I got another surprise — that I was having twins,” Girardi, 31, shared with viewers.

She added she was also told "there is a rare condition that they can get in the uterus called twin to twin transfusion syndrome," a rare condition in which twins share the same blood vessels in a single placenta while in the womb, resulting in one twin receiving more blood flow than the other.

Girardi's pregnancy went well until her fifth month, she said.

"We thought we were in the clear. I started getting my nursery together and I had a gender-reveal party and I picked out their names. Then a week later, I was sitting on my couch and my water broke," she said. "I immediately called 911 and I remembered just crying, saying, 'I know my babies can’t survive at 18 weeks.'"

Though doctors advised her to induce labor, Girardi refused: "I wanted to try to save them."

Days later, she went into septic shock. "I got an ultrasound and there were no longer any heartbeats," she said.

Because her own life was also at risk, she was quickly rushed into surgery, where doctors were able to save her.

Girardi, who appeared on the show with her mother, said her grief is made worse because "constant reminders" of her devastating loss surround her.

“For the most part I try my hardest not to think about it, but every day ... I get in the elevator and there’s a lady in my building who’s pregnant and I stare at her belly the entire elevator ride up. Every time I hold my goddaughter or hold my niece, I don’t wanna let them go,” Girardi said.

"Every day there's just constant reminders that I'm trying so hard to move past it," she said, "but it just seems impossible to stop thinking about it."

Watch Girardi share her heartbreaking story in the videos above.