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Watch this soldier surprise his mom with unbelievable prank

/ Source: TODAY

A U.S. Army soldier coming home to Massachusetts for the Fourth of July decided to surprise his mom with an incredible prank, and it's all on video.

Alan MacAllister enlisted help from the Hanson Police Department to pull his mother over while she was driving last Monday, after he called to tell her he wouldn't be able to come home as the family had planned.

"I got very nervous," Darlene MacAllister-Humes told "The first officer told me to walk to the back of my vehicle and said he needed to take my picture. Another officer walks up and he starts asking me about my sticker."

Little did she know that her son was sitting in the police car. While the officers distracted her, MacAllister got out of the car, still dressed in his military fatigues.

"I turned around and there was my son. I was overjoyed," MacAllister-Humes said.

An officer captured the happy reunion on camera and the police department posted the video on Facebook.

"Not all traffic stops are negative!" the department wrote. "Welcome home PV2 Alan MacAllister! We were honored to assist in reuniting Alan and his mom Darlene today."

Darlene MacAllister-Humes and her son Alan.

MacAllister also thanked the officers on Facebook.

"It's good to be home. I love you mom," he wrote.

MacAllister-Hume said her son, who is stationed in Colorado, went home Monday morning, but she's grateful they had a week to spend together. They got to ring in the Fourth of July as well as celebrate MacAllister's 19th birthday, which was on July 1.

And she says she might even have a revenge prank in store for the teen.

"We like to do just little pranks on each other," she said. "I'm trying. I'll see what happens."