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This mama bear struggling to cross road with her cubs is every parent

It's pure chaos and an all-too-familiar scene.
/ Source: TODAY

Parents everywhere are relating to hilarious footage of a mama bear struggling to guide her cubs safely across a busy Connecticut road.

In a Twitter video aptly titled “Bearenting,” traffic is seen at a standstill as a black bear goes back and forth several times until her four babies have made it made it to the other side. The whole ordeal takes more than two minutes because one cub decides it’s the perfect time to climb a pole, while its siblings keep running back into the road to play.

At one point, the exasperatedmama bear, who just wants to keep her kids alive, appears to try and pick up two cubs at once. It's pure chaos and an all-too-familiar scene.

“Bear Mama, I know your struggle. You have the one you have to drag, the one that willingly follows, and the happy-go-lucky one about to get run over,” wrote person commented on Twitter.

”I have three kids 5 and under and I have been this bear before in a Chick Fil A parking lot,” wrote another person.

Added another, “I can feel her embearassment: ‘I’m so sorry, we’re holding up — it’ll just be a minute. I just got to — omg — PEACHES GET OFF THE TREE.”

TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie, who is mom of Vale, 6, and Charley, 4, also got a kick out of the clip that has racked up more than eight million views on Twitter.

As Savannah declared on Monday's show,“There is not a parent that cannot relate to that whole scene."