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Victoria Beckham reveals the relatable struggle behind her family Christmas card

The former Spice Girl shared some behind-the-scenes video footage of her family's Christmas card shoot.
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing like a Christmas photo taken during the holidays to show the world how beautiful your family is. But of course, getting everyone in one place at one time with a smile on their face can prove to be rather difficult.

That was even the case for Victoria Beckham, who struggled with her four kids and their pets to get it together. The former Spice Girl on Thursday shared some behind-the-scenes video footage of her family's Christmas card shoot and, well, we're sure lots of parents out there can relate.

"The making of … never work with kids or animals!!" the 46-year-old fashion designer wrote in the caption of the funny clip. In the video, her sons Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 18, and Cruz, 15, and daughter Harper Seven, 9, can be seen gathered around the Christmas tree in various poses.

"Are you sure you don't want to put trousers on?" Mom asked her oldest, who was donning a comfortable-looking pair of shorts for the pic. She seemed to approve of what Cruz was wearing — a graphic sweater — dryly saying to him, "Excellent. That sums up your personality."

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The youngest of the lot protested to posing because "it's a very sad Christmas." (And, we have to say, she does kind of have a point.) To this, Mom argued, "It's not a very sad Christmas. It's a lovely Christmas!"

As chaos starts to ensue, Beckham screams, "Pick up a dog!"

The clip ended with everyone gathered around the tree. Beckham shared their Christmas card on Instagram, which featured all four of her kids smiling, with reindeer antlers, a Santa hat, and two strategically placed set of devil horns edited in.

Fans and followers of the fashion designer seemed to really love the relatable moment.

"Nailed it!! ~ and thank you from every Mom everywhere," one fan wrote on the video.

Another follower commented, "So glad your life is not that different to mine! Who'd of thought That!" adding laughing and heart emoji.

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