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Veterans Day heroes: We salute military moms and dads

TODAY Parents Facebook fans shared their photos of moms and dads who have served our country in honor of Veteran's Day.
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We all know our veterans are heroes and deserve the recognition they get on Veterans Day and every day. However, we happen to have a soft spot for one particular subset of vets — moms and dads who often sacrifice many precious days of parenting to serve our country.

Thanks to all who shared pics of their families on the TODAY Parents Facebook page. We were blown away by the memories you shared with us. We thank you for every thing you do, and happy Veterans Day!

1. It's a happy moment for this father and son

This is my son Chase who was 4 at the time seeing his dad 1SG Jeremy Legault for the first time after a year long deployment to Afghanistan.Tina Wilson Leagult

2. One more hug before Dad goes off to serve.

United States Air Force Master Sergeant Reymundo Marquez III saying bye to his 3-year-old son Leo. Rey Marty Marquez

3. Goodbyes are never easy.

This was a goodbye between my daughter, Halle, and my husband as we left him off after basic training graduation for another 6 month training. We got 12 fabulous hours with him that day!Brittany Tarbox

4. First time meeting dad.

This was taken when my husband came home after his 9 month deployment. We had our son while he was gone and even though he came for a short time after he was born it was great knowing he was home for good!Kitty Innocenti

5. Savoring every second.

Saying goodbye to 2 week old daughter to go back to Afghanistan.Amanda Nance Mills

6. The wait is over.

My son Marc Carle returning from Iraq 2 weeks ago. His wife and son just a year old . Thankful he returned safe after 8 monthsRenee Carle

7. There's nothing like being held by mommy.

CPT Kathryn Citino with her daughter Francesca.Kathryn Citino

8. Dad is home!

This was when we picked my husband up after he'd been away for training for the Army. Our daughter was 2 at the time. He is active duty South Carolina Army National Guard and prior service Marine Corps.Katie Tillman

9. So happy to see both mom and dad!

Hugs to mom and dad who both serve.Candace Bourgeois Wood
Candace Bourgeois Wood

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10. Reunited with baby boy.

Me with my oldest son Lincoln. I separated from the Air Force while I was pregnant with our 3rd and we realized that Lincoln had autism and needed mommy around more often. His daddy is currently serving in Korea.Teri Hoben

11. There's nothing like a hug from dad.

Homecoming 2013. ShutterHappy Photography was there to capture it all for us!Samantha Fontenot

12. Back in daddy's arms.

My husband, 2 time veteran SSGT. Christopher Weaver and our daughter Addison.Jennifer Weaver

13. Priceless!

Daddy and his baby girl, 18 years in the Navy Seabees, several deployments, go Navy!Erin Michael Jolliff

14. This dad made it home just in time.

Josh made it home just in time (literally) to see the birth of our baby Lola.Jackey Plumbar

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15. Baby on the way.

In my super flattering maternity tent : )Shawna Griego

16. All together again.

My Air Force husband Austin and our sweet baby Kennedy. He has done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan!Katherine Rigge

17. Just like dad.

Like father, like daughter.Katherine Barney

18. Twinning!

Like mother, like daughter.Robin Copacabana

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19. Smiles for dad.

A father daughter reunion.Alicia Parks

20. It's a family affair.

Very old photo, but it's my favorite. My husband and 3 boys, the day he left for Afghanistan. 2006.Yaskara Thera Lewis

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