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Vanessa Lachey on motherhood, husband Nick Lachey's cutest dad moments

It's been a busy year for Vanessa Lachey, who not only stars in the NBC sitcom 'Truth Be Told,' but welcomed her second child in January.
/ Source: TODAY

It's been a busy year for Vanessa Lachey, who not only stars in the NBC sitcom "Truth Be Told," but welcomed her second child in January.

Lachey opened up to about how son Camden, 3, is getting along with his new baby sister, Brooklyn, while promoting her partnership with Puffs.

"He’s an amazing big brother," she said. "He had a little bit of an adjustment period because he was an only child for two-plus years and was like, 'Who is this little person who’s not going away?' But I made it my priority to not play favorites, and every single waking moment is a learning moment. And so when I wake up and see Camden, I say 'Good morning, I love you,' and then I look over at her and say 'Good morning, Brooklyn, I love you.' Because the second that you hone in on just one child, you’re playing favorites and they see that and pick up on that."

Now that Brooklyn is nearly a year old, Camden is "wanting to play with her."

"Now he’s interested because she’s responding. When he jumps, she laughs. When he tickles her, she laughs. When he falls, she laughs. So now he’s like, 'I’ve got an audience,' and it’s now getting fun. He’s like, 'Mommy, put baby sister here. Put her down, let her play.'"

"Every time I see them do something, I fast forward to 20 years and wonder what they're going to be like in their 20s — if they’re going to be doing the same thing, or if she’s going to be like, 'Get away from me,'" said the 35-year-old mom.

"I love seeing my husband hold our daughter and just give her kisses, unsolicited kisses. When he doesn't know that I’m watching or when I come into the room and I look over and he’s just kissing her forehead or kissing her cheek. He loves her so much and I love his love for her. Watching him with Camden was amazing, but watching him with Brooklyn is special."

Lachey said that she and Nick make time for each other by scheduling day dates.

"It was hard for a while because Brooklyn's not even a year old and Camden’s 3, so it was hard finding date nights because by the end of the day you're exhausted," she said. "So we’ll go to the gym together or we’ll go get lunch together, or we’ll go see a movie together. We’ve tried to create time early in the day, either when they’re napping or Camden’s in preschool and she’s in a nap, and it’s a good guilt-free time for us to go do something together."

She also had some advice on body confidence for new moms feeling pressured to drop the baby weight.

"For me, it’s been surrounding myself with people who love me for me," she said. "And that starts with my partner, who’s my husband, and the people around me. I’ve never felt anything other than beautiful because that’s the way they’ve made me feel."

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She continued, "And through that, I know it sounds cheesy, but my inner beauty has come out and I feel confident. I don't look at sizes anymore. I had a fitting right after I had Brooklyn, and I genuinely was like, 'I don't know my size, so you can bring everything from a 4 to a 10 and I’ll try it on and know what I like and know what feels good,' but it’s not about a number."

Lachey also dished on her onscreen husband, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who co-stars on "Truth Be Told."

"When I met Mark-Paul, I was nervous that I was going to be giddy and see Zack Morris," she said. "But the second I met him I didn’t. He has done so much work since then and he's one of those rarities where he’s been super-successful and still super humble, super down-to-earth. He’s an amazing husband, he’s an amazing father. He’s a dedicated, hard worker and he’s so humble. I cannot reiterate that word enough."