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'Vanderpump Rules' star Scheana Shay shares news of 'devastating' miscarriage

She had been hoping to tell her father the news on Father's Day, and then she started spotting.
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"Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay opened up about her miscarriage: "To just, like, be excited for a few weeks and then it’s just gone so quickly. It’s still been a lot to process.” (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV)Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for MTV
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"Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay announced on her podcast Friday that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Shay, 35, said that she and her boyfriend, Brock Davies, found out just a few weeks ago that she was pregnant. The reality TV star has been open about her fertility journey, which included freezing her eggs earlier in the year.

"I didn't think that I could get pregnant on my own," she said, adding that doctors had told her a natural pregnancy would be "close to impossible."

Due to those warnings, she said she didn't think anything of it when she missed a period and felt ill one morning after drinking the night before. However, after a strange encounter with a Tarot card reader, who told her she "has a child today if (she wanted) it," she took a pregnancy test, which came back positive. She took four more tests, all of which came back positive, and then went to a doctor for a blood test, which revealed she was "two to three weeks pregnant," she said.

Shay explained that she kept the news quiet, telling only Davies, her mother, her two best friends and her sister that she was expecting. She planned to tell her father the happy news on Father's Day, and she and Davies even made a sweet keepsake to commemorate the announcement.

"We made him this surfboard ... and it said 'Only the best dads get bumped up to Opas,'" Shay said, explaining that Opa is a nickname for grandfather in Dutch. "We were so excited to give them this for Father's Day."

However, the weekend before Father's Day, while celebrating Davies' birthday on a trip to San Diego, Shay said that she began spotting, leading to some concern about the pregnancy.

"We get home from dinner and not to be graphic, but I went to the bathroom and there was blood," Shay said. "And I know that it's normal to spot in the first trimester. So I'm like 'OK, this is more than I would like to see. But like, I'm OK. I'm OK. Like, it's all going to be OK.'"

The next morning, she said she woke up to news of former co-star Stassi Schroeder's pregnancy.

"I'm like 'Oh my god, like, we're pregnant together!'" Shay said. “I’m like, I wonder how far along she is, she announced so early ... I swear we were all drinking when we filmed the reunion but maybe she had a mocktail. ... And so I see this. I obviously text her congratulations, but I don’t say anything about me because not only did I start bleeding the night before and I’m worried I’m having a miscarriage, but it was too early. I was only, I think at that time, about five weeks."

Shay said that throughout the weekend, she "felt off" and continued spotting, so she visited her obstetrician as soon as possible.

"They did an ultrasound and there was just no heartbeat," she said emotionally. "There was just nothing progressing, nothing going on inside. There were just parts that he could see were starting to form, and it just didn’t. So obviously, (that was) just devastating. We were so excited and then to just, like, be excited for a few weeks and then it’s just like gone so quickly. It’s still been a lot to process.”

She is now waiting to "naturally miscarry," she said, and will return to the doctor this week for another ultrasound.

"Now I’m just literally sitting here waiting, feeling normal, but still treating my body as if I’m pregnant, which is a complete mind f****, because I know there’s nothing progressing but there’s still something there and I haven’t passed it yet," she said. "So I have to go back on Friday and find out exactly what’s going on and what the next steps are."

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