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How do you have sex on vacation with the kids around? Try these tips!

Tub time
Big bathrooms are a hotel bonus. You can either take a shower or a bath together. Better yet, line the tub with pillows to create a makeshift bed if you don't want to get wet. "Time is of the essence for parents, especially on vacation," says Kristen Chase, author of The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms. "Why not double up in the bath or the shower and knock out two birds with one stone?" Bring along the discreet "I Rub My Duckie" travel-size vibrator and your kids will really think it's bath time for you and Daddy.

Pack '
Every time you go on vacay, there's always the inevitable question: "Do we really need to bring the Pack 'n Play?" Oh, yes, you do! It makes playing for you and your man much easier once you transport the baby comfortably to another nearby location. Set up the Pack 'n Play in the bathroom and place your baby in it. (Note: Never leave pillows, comforters or soft toys in a Pack 'n Play with sleeping or unattended infants.) Place the baby monitor on the bathroom sink and rest the receiver on the bedroom nightstand. Then you can play just like old times.

Hit the floor
When you co-sleep with your infant, sharing the bed as a threesome can get in the way of a much-needed twosome. For a frolicking change of place, hit the floor! "Sex can be a challenge when you've got junior sharing your pillow," Chase says. "So the floor can be a hot alternative, especially since waking up the baby can be an instant mood killer." Before you go at it, pad your space with couch cushions, extra pillows or a comforter. You don't need a rug burn in addition to a sunburn!

Take a tip from Romeo
Whether you're on a cruise ship or in a hotel room with your sleeping children, the balcony is often the easiest place to go without leaving the room. (Just make sure you leave the door open, and bring the baby monitor, if you use one, with you.) Plus, there is the added thrill that someone might sneak a peek or catch you. "There is nothing like a little playful exhibitionism to get the pulse racing," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First and He Comes Second. "Whether or not someone else is actually watching doesn't matter as much as the idea that someone might be watching."

Use a rental car
Most hotels and resorts offer child care or nanny services. Use it to your advantage, even if it's costly. One memorable evening alone can recharge the whole trip. "Sometimes you have to be a little selfish about your relationship," Kerner says. "Family vacations should not preclude romance." If the sitter is in your room, make the most of your alone time and head to the car. Place a towel over the windshield and windows for privacy, and then slip into the backseat—it'll feel like a high-school hookup all over again. Grab the picnic blanket from the trunk and cover up the backseat. Or hop into the passenger seat and give your man a bump-ride with some girl-on-top action.

Pitch a tent
Have your kids "camp out" in a tent in your room. They'll think it's fun—and the sound of unzipping will give you just enough of a warning to stop any fooling around that you and your mate are doing. "Quickies don't have to include full-blown intercourse or even orgasms," Kerner says. "A little play can go a long way." So forget about going all the way; just enjoy rounding the bases and grope each other (quietly!) under the covers while the kids sleep.

Go for a stroll
Plop the kids in a double stroller, grab a blanket and head to the beach around dusk. As you cruise the beach, look for discreet, inhibited areas and park yourself there. Turn the stroller toward the ocean (make sure you're far away from the water, of course!) and cozy up next to your man with the blanket wrapped around you. As the kids doze off in the stroller, grope each other under the blanket while you watch the waves roll into shore. "Combine the romantic moment with the right quickie-ready attire like a comfy beach dress with no undies to enhance the thrill," Kerner says. Just hold off on doing the deed until you get back to your room—then park the stroller in a corner or the bathroom and hit the sheets. If the kids wake up at an inopportune moment, you can pull yourselves together (or apart—whatever the case may be!) and claim that the walk made you and Daddy sleepy, too.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.