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These 10 adorable 'Bolt babies' will run off with your heart

Usain Bolt and a "Bolt baby"

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt holds an impressive share of world records and Olympic medals, but it’s his iconic “lightning bolt” pose that is inspiring parents around the globe.

What began a few days ago when Bolt replied to the tweets of a few parents has become a viral phenomenon, with parents tweeting to Bolt with photos of their babies mimicking the famous pose. 

Babies around the globe are mimicking Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt's iconic pose.Today

Bolt responded to the trend yesterday, saying, “What started as a couple retweets has resulted into Bolt Babies breaking the internet.”

The runner has taken time to reply to the barrage of photos, judging each little one on their technique by retweeting the photos and commenting with phrases like future star, a champ in the making, perfect and epic.



Jonathan Mulkeen, a journalist and photographer from the United Kingdom, was among those Bolt replied to after he shared a photo of his daughter, Amelie, doing her best lightning bolt pose. Mulkeen says Amelie was three months old in the photo, but will soon be celebrating her third birthday.

“It was great that Bolt took time to respond to the picture, even though he did say that my daughter’s pose could do with a little more practice. I should screen grab Bolt’s tweet and the media coverage it has been getting so that I can show my daughter in years to come — but it would be just my luck that she isn’t into sport whatsoever and her reaction would be, ‘Usain who?’” Mulkeen told TODAY Parents.



Claire Owen, a writer from the United Kingdom, says when she saw that parents were tweeting baby photos to Bolt, she decided to jump on board and send her own photo — one of her son, Arian, at seven weeks old.

“I was thrilled when I got a reply from Usain Bolt about ten minutes later. I thought it was so nice of him to take the time to reply, calling Arian a natural," Owen told TODAY Parents in an email. "Since then it’s been shared around the world, which has been really thrilling and will be fantastic to tell Arian about when he’s older. I’m a big fan of social media anyway and this just shows how brilliant it can be when it’s used the right way.” 

Here are some more Bolt babies to inspire the champion in you: