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'This is Us' star Sterling K. Brown talks fatherhood and fame on TODAY

/ Source: TODAY

Sterling K. Brown plays one of the adult siblings central to the plot on "This Is Us" — in fact, he just won an Emmy for his effort.

But back home, his own children aren't all that wowed about his work.

During a Monday morning visit to TODAY, the actor explained that his sons would be happy to trade his fame and accolades for more time with their father.

"Anything that takes me away from my kids, they're like 'later!' for it," Brown said. "My son will say sometimes, 'I wish you weren't so famous, daddy.' I say, 'Why?' 'Because I just want you to be at home more."

That explains the pre-Emmys video the actor shared showing his sons —Andrew, 6, and Amare, 2 — reacting to mom and dad leaving for the big event: The youngest one cried, the oldest one hammed up his own performance for the camera. Brown? He just shook his head.

It's clear the boys are big fans of dad off-screen and, obviously, it's mutual.

"The love of a child, nothing can surpass that," he said.

But Brown is pretty happy to have the love of the Emmy voters, too. His Best Lead Actor win this year, came on the heels of his Supporting Actor in a Limited Series win last year for his role of "The People v. O.J. Simpson."

"It's pretty awesome," Brown said of the awards. "It's crazy. I mean, never in my wildest dreams when I first started acting did I think this moment would be happening for me right now. And the fact that it happened two years in a row is a blessing."

See more from the "This Is Us" star when the series returns for its second season Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.