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Unique boy names for parents-to-be searching for baby names with meaning

Looking for a unique baby boy name for your bundle of joy? One expert shares the top picks.
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Looking for a unique boy name for your bundle of joy? One expert shares the top picks.Flashpop / Getty Images stock
/ Source: TODAY

Some parents-to-be are not interested in classic baby names, and searching for a unique baby boy name is a top priority.

Many parents-to-be are interested in finding unique names for a baby boy that seem as exciting as their newest bundle of joy.

"The term 'unique names' means different things to different people," Pamela Redmond of the baby names website Nameberry told TODAY Parents. "For some unique means non-traditional, so it can be a name like Hudson or Bodhi."

What is a unique name for a boy?

Redmond told TODAY that for other people, unique does mean one-of-a-kind, so parents are seeking names that zero other baby boys will have.

For parents seeking for seeking a unique name for a baby boy, Redmond suggests:


"An ancient saints' name that's very unusual," Remond said. "It means 'hollow', not the most attractive meaning, but the Cas sound is very on-trend for boys and girls."


"Animal names are trending for boys, and this is one of the best," Redmond explained.


"A last name used as a first name that means 'merchant'," Redmond said.


"A gender-neutral name from mythology that means 'west wind'," she said.

What is the rarest boy name?

Baby boy names that are given to zero or, at most a handful, of baby boys in the US.

If you want a rare name that also has some history and meaning behind it, consider these top picks:


A Shakespearean name meaning "bearlike"


A Manx name from the Isle of Man that means "fair Lugh." Lugh is that island's sun god.


A Welsh name meaning "shield"


A short form of William and very popular in the Netherlands

Unique boy names 2021

Redmond told TODAY that there are several boy baby naming trends for 2021.

Last names as first that end in "S"

Wells, Brooks, Ames

Rare mythological names

Osiris, Helios, Jupiter

Animal names

Hawk, Wolf, Fox