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Already over 2020! See an unborn baby give his parents the middle finger

Even the sonographer was shocked by what she saw on the screen.
/ Source: TODAY

One baby — who hasn’t even been born — is already over 2020.

Jess Johnson and and her fiancé, David Lewis, were stunned when their son appeared toflash them the middle finger at his 30-week-scan.

In the 4D images, the little boy can be seen yawning before looking at his parents and flicking them off.

Johnson, 24, told the U.K.’s Kennedy News and Media, that her baby seemed sleepier than usual that day.

“Towards the end of the scan, he started to cover up again as if to say, ‘You’ve had enough photos, now leave me alone,’” she explained. “We were trying to get a couple more as we didn’t have many.”

That’s when he extended his middle finger upwards.

Jess Johnson and David Lewis had a laugh when their unborn son gave them the middle finger. Kennedy News and Media
The baby's parents predict he is going to be a handful. Kennedy News and Media

“My other half saw it but didn’t immediately clock on to what happened,” Johnson recalled. “Me and my sonographer both looked at each other and said, ‘Did he just stick the finger up?’”

He sure did!

“She rewound it a little bit,” Johnson said. “We were quite shocked and even she was quite shocked to be honest.”

Johnson noted that her son quickly adjusted his position.

Jess Johnson and David Lewis, who live in the UK, are expecting their first child. Kennedy News and Media

“He sort of put it up and then put it back down as if to say, ‘I didn’t mean to do that,’” Johnson explained. “As if he knew it was naughty but he still did it anyway, bless him.”

Johnson and Lewis, 23, are predicting that their first-born will be “a handful” just like his dad.

They’ll meet him soon enough. Johnson is currently 40 weeks pregnant, which means she could go into labor any day.

“Everyone has been shocked in a good way at how he’s managed to do this. We can’t wait for him to be here,” she gushed. “It’s life-changing. It’s going to be amazing.”

Johnson's son should meet Katy Perry's sassy little girl.

Earlier this year, when the pop star was still pregnant with her daughter, Daisy, she took to Instagram to share a clip from her ultrasound.

“when your unborn daughter gives you a middle finger from the womb you know you’re in for it,” she captioned the post.