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Ultrasound shows 'beautiful' moment twins appear to be kissing in the womb

Mom-to-be Carissa Gill was shocked by the sweet moment that her twins shared in an ultrasound image.
/ Source: TODAY

For expectant mom Carissa Gill of Croydon, Pennsylvania, seeing her unborn twins in ultrasound scans has become a part of her routine. But when she went in for a regular checkup earlier this month, Gill was surprised to see the pair’s beautiful display of sisterly love in the womb.

The 22-year-old and her boyfriend, Randy Good, were visiting Fetal Vision Imaging in Levittown, near Philadelphia, and during the 3-D ultrasound, the twins (whom they plan to name Isabella and Callie) appeared to be kissing!

Carissa Gill's twins shared a sweet smooch in utero.Fetal Vision Imaging

"Bella was kissing Callie on the cheek, and then they actually started kissing," Gill told TODAY. "It was beautiful to see."

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The couple was able to share the moment with their mothers and Gill's grandma, who all came along for the appointment.

"My grandma was just in total shock that all of this (was) going on," she said.

Gill and Good posed with the photo of their twins smooching after the ultrasound.Fetal Vision Imaging

Because Gill's pregnancy is considered high-risk, she has an ultrasound every other week, so this wasn't the first time she'd seen the pair interacting.

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In earlier scans, the twins were typically further apart, with one fetus lower in the womb and the other higher up near Gill's rib cage. She told TODAY that in one instance, "Bella was actually kicking Callie in the face, and Callie was trying to suck on her toe."

If the most recent images are any indication, it appears the twins have kissed and made up after the face-kicking incident!

A cute kiss on the cheek for baby Callie!Fetal Vision Imaging

While Gill isn't due until late July, she's already thinking about how she'll tell her girls about the sweet moment they shared.

"If it just so happens that they're fighting one day," Gill said, "I can tell them, 'Remember when you were kissing in the womb.'"