Ultimate Toy Bracket: Here's the case for toy drums!

As part of TODAY's Ultimate Toy Bracket, we're pitting audience-nominated toys against one another in the hopes of finding one toy to rule them all. Here's what TODAY fans had to say about toy drums!

TODAY viewers wrote in to tell us that toy drums are "a gift parents fear and children love," but that "there's a reason it's a time-honored classic." Whether it's a full drum kit, a simple toy or "Tupperware stolen from the kitchen," children love playing on a drum. After all, "not every child can tickle the ivories or strum a guitar, but everyone can groove to the beat of a drum." It's their "introduction to musical education" (at least you can tell yourself that when the throbbing headache sets in). Basically, "kids are going to beat something – isn't it better they fulfill that need on a musical instrument rather than their little sibling?"

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