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Ultimate Toy Bracket: Here's the case for cardboard boxes!

As part of TODAY's Ultimate Toy Bracket, we're pitting audience-nominated toys against one another in the hopes of finding one toy to rule them all. Here's what TODAY fans had to say about cardboard boxes!

TODAY viewers wrote in to tell us that no, they're "not kidding" about how fun a cardboard boxes are. Many remembered their own experiences exploring cardboard boxes as children, "doctoring a village of stuffed animals" and even "exploring space." Some recalled turning their boxes into "boats and planes" and all agree that the "imaginative possibilities were ENDLESS!" You don't need "bells and whistles and batteries" when it comes to a good toy, Rather, all you need is "your own imagination and something this simple."

Love cardboard boxes? Hate cardboard boxes? Either way, be sure to make your voice heard by voting in our Ultimate Toy Bracket now!