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As part of TODAY's Ultimate Toy Bracket, we're pitting audience-nominated toys against one another in the hopes of finding one toy to rule them all. Here's what TODAY fans had to say about G.I. Joe!

Viewers wrote in to tell us that "growing up in the 80s, G.I. Joe was the go-to toy for all of my friends." Though many "loved our Transformers and He-Men," the G.I. Joe line "offered so many different options to play." From the figures to "the tanks, planes, bases, and helicopters," there's always something new to discover. In the end, "they may be simple, but they transport you into an imaginative world." And don't forget — they're "a classic!"

Love G.I. Joe? Hate G.I. Joe? Either way, be sure to make your voice heard by voting in our Ultimate Toy Bracket now!