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Mom's adorable video shows kids struggling to figure out how a Walkman works

This might be the ultimate generation gap. Two young boys try to figure out how to use a Walkman as their parents watch. See the video!
/ Source: TODAY

Age might just be a number, but if you were born before 2000, maybe even 1995, get ready to feel old.

Back in 1979 when the Walkman first came out, it was certainly all the rage (think iPod status), but now, in the age of the smartphone, it's become obsolete.

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A mom named Lena Hyde learned just how much the Walkman is a thing of the past when she filmed her two sons trying to figure out how the archaic music player works.

She posted the video on YouTube in September, but it recently caught fire on the web, garnering 100,000 views and counting Monday.

"I think it involves something with the ribbon. You pull on the ribbon," Lena's son Calvin says as he and his brother Ethan fiddle with gadget.

When Ethan finally pops the tape in, the two celebrate as though it's a major achievement.

"I did it! Yay!" the boy cries.

And to think, people once had to go through all that work just listen to some tunes.

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