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Two adorable babies pick the winner of 2020 Super Bowl in crawling race

Who needs statistics when you can use babies to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl instead?
Lilah crawls into the end zone!
Lilah crawls into the end zone!
/ Source: TODAY

Two adorable babies battled it out on behalf of the NFL teams heading to the Super Bowl in Miami this weekend as part of TODAY’s annual “Baby Bowl.”

Leo, an 8-month-old representing the Kansas City Chiefs, raced Lilah, a 9-month-old San Francisco 49ers fan, to their own respective end zones.

The two babies actually got along swimmingly, and Lilah felt comfortable enough to steal Leo's pacifier from his mouth and put it in hers several times ahead of the race, which we assume is the way babies trash talk each other?

It was a thrilling and heart-stopping competition, as you might imagine any sort of battle with babies might be. Lilah immediately had a meltdown as she was separated from her mom and the remote she had been chewing on.

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager tried to comfort her and give the remote back but to no avail.

"She was so mad, she has a pretty good temper on her, when she gets mad about something she tells everyone off," her mom, Maeghan Reid, laughed later. "Rule number one of a baby is you don't take something from them without giving them something else."

She added Jenna had apologized profusely for taking the remote later.

Baby Leo tries to get to his parents in the end zone.

Eventually, Lilah pulled ahead of Leo, after he crawled out of bounds and had to be redirected by his dad.

It was almost as if they didn’t understand what was at stake!?

Lilah, despite her tears, managed to crawl into the end zone to reunite with her mom and her aunt.

"As soon as she won and everyone started cheering she was totally fine," Reid said.

She won the “LomBaby Trophy” for the 49s — see what we did there? — and we’re sure she’ll treasure it in the years to come.

"My stepson, her 17-year-old brother, already asked to have (the trophy) in his room," Reid laughed. "He's very competitive and just so proud of her."