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By Lisa Flam
Korey and Sharon Rademacher with their son Jameson and their newborn twin girls, Maryann Grace and Brianna Faith.
Korey and Sharon Rademacher with their son Jameson and their newborn twin girls, Maryann Grace and Brianna Faith.Courtesy the Rademacher family

Talk about a couple of double-crossers.

Happy and shocked to learn they were expecting twins, Korey and Sharon Rademacher decided to have a little fun with their nearest and dearest by not telling them they were expecting two babies instead of one throughout the pregnancy.

The culmination of their months-long subterfuge was an emotional viral video of their relatives and friends meeting their twin girls in the hospital room last month, a string of gasps, wide eyes and incredulous, joyful cries of, “Are you kidding me?”

The Pensacola, Florida, couple, who have a 2-year-old son, Jameson, hatched the ruse in the exam room right after the first ultrasound at the start of the pregnancy.

Sharon Rademacher and her twins.
Sharon Rademacher and her twins.Courtesy the Rademacher family

“We love surprises,” says Sharon Rademacher, 33. “I thought, how cool would that be if we could keep it a secret and surprise everyone at the very end.”

“We just like shocking our family and seeing the looks on their faces,” says Korey Rademacher, 31. “It was great.”

The couple kept some news from themselves as well, not learning the twins’ genders until they were born. Maryann Grace and Brianna Faith arrived two minutes apart on March 12.

Courtesy the Rademacher family

It was tough to conceal a twin pregnancy and to not spill the beans.

“I knew I was going to get bigger and people would be suspicious or we’d slip up,” Sharon says. “I’m very, very happy we were able to pull it off. The reactions were well worth keeping that secret.”

While pregnant, Sharon wore loose clothing when she video chatted with her family in Pennsylvania and her husband’s family in Michigan. But going to work every day was a different story.

“I got jokes, ‘How many babies are in there?’ and I would laugh it off,” Sharon says. “I never said ‘no.’ I pretended to be offended that they were calling me big.”

With nobody else to talk twins with, the couple’s covert operation brought them closer together.

“It was nice for Korey and I to have a secret,” Sharon says. “It was fun to be sneaky.”

After the twins were born, the Rademachers filmed their loved ones entering the hospital room, thinking they would be finding out if they had a boy or a girl, only to see two bundles in pink hats. The first to appear in the video is Sharon’s mother, who can’t believe her eyes.

“My mom’s is the sweetest, the one I love to watch the most,” Sharon says. “You can tell she was so overwhelmed. The whole thing was awesome.”

As the video titled “Best kept secret ever?” has racked up more than 4 million hits on YouTube in a matter of days, the couple still love watching it every night before they go to bed.

“It’s kind of our little time together,” Korey says. “We still get a kick out of watching everybody’s reaction.”

Lisa A. Flam, a regular contributor to, is a news and lifestyles reporter in New York. Follow her on Twitter.