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Twin power! 17 stories about the amazing bond between twins

Twins share a special bond for life. Here are 17 stories and photos that celebrate the unique connection between multiples.
/ Source: TODAY

The bond between twins is unlike any other sibling connection. It's powerful and unique; only 3.3 percent of births are twins, according to data from the CDC. For those who aren't part of this small club, it's fascinating to think about what life is like as a twin.

This week, TODAY is exploring the bond of twins and multiples as part of our "Summer Secrets" series.

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We asked twins and their parents to share photos and stories about the incredible bonds between multiples. Read on for their heartwarming and hilarious stories.


Mom Shannon Abilla writes on Facebook, “My twins are so close! They do everything together and are best friends. My son was in the NICU for a week and when he became agitated the nurses would bring his sister in and lay her down next to him and he would immediately calm down and his heart rate would get back to normal, it was amazing to see!”Courtesy of Shannon Abilla


Mom Kaylee McDonald writes on Facebook, "My 2 1/2 year old twin girls... They are what you call "Mirror twins." They do everything opposite of each other. Ones right handed the other is left. One's a Tom boy the other is a girly girl."Kaylee McDonald


Mom Nicole White Brock writes on Facebook, "My boys have their own beds, but after many mornings of finding them in the same bed we finally pushed them together. They sleep across each other. They say they're going to get a house together when they get older. I hope they always have a strong bond. Love my twins!"Nicole White Brock


Mom Traci Whittington Craft writes on Facebook, "My sweet fraternal twins are now 9 years old and even now when they sleep together, I will find them asleep as they are in this picture from when we brought them home from the hospital. I'm beyond blessed to have been selected to be a mommy of twins. They bless me each and every day."Traci Whittington Craft


Twin Shelley Skuster writes on Facebook, “My sis Lindee Jeneary and I have been best friends since the moment we rode in boxes together. She loves me so much, she wore my glasses as a disguise and failed a chemistry test for me in high school. I have since forgiven her. Now we live 2.5 hours apart and have families of our own, but we talk at least five times a day. Our husbands learned early on it came with the ‘deal.’ I love my sis and grateful I get to experience life's ups and downs with her!”Shelly Skuster


Mom Michelle Heller Johnson writes on Facebook, "The twin bond thing is 100% real. My identical boys are each other's best friends and do everything together. They hate being separated and when apart, they spend their time worrying about one another. At 4 years old they are up to shenanigans all the time, and my husband and I regularly cannot figure out which one is responsible - and they sure aren't telling us!"Michelle Heller Johnson


Mom Eugenia Berg writes on Facebook, "These are my twin boys Axel and Lionel. When they slept in the twin bassinet they slept in the same position and would turn their bodies simultaneously and end up in identical positions. It was so amazing and cute."Eugenia Berg


Kim Lisowski Roche writes on Facebook, "We were told our preemie twins were fraternal, but when no one could tell them apart, we ended up having them tested and it turned out they were identical. They are best friends, are silly and sweet and funny. At 7, they still share a room, and while they start out in their own beds, we often go in and find them together in one. They are my favorite goof balls!"Kim Lisowski Roche


Mom Megan Hopper writes on Facebook, "When our daughter twin A was 10 months old she got bacterial meningitis which went undiagnosed for 24 hours. As a result she now has global developmental delays, cp, trach and a g-tube. Her best therapist is her twin brother who constantly loves her and encourages her to get better. Recently, on a long car ride he kept screaming his tummy hurt. Within minutes she was sick and he was suddenly all better. Twin B is the voice for his sissy as she is non verbal. A special bond we'll never understand."Megan Hopper


Mom Jennifer Kelly writes on Facebook, “My (2) sets, ages 4 & 3, in a room full of other kids, prefer to play with one another then anyone else. When they cry, they often want only their twin to console them. You can catch them holding hands, snuggling on the couch with their respective twin or kissing one another often! So lucky to be a mom of multiple multiples!”Jennifer Kelly


Twin Halee Pucks writes on Facebook, “This is my twin sister Taylor Brooke and I on our 2nd birthday! We are about to turn 25 next month. We are two very different people,but she is my best friend. Although we got the same degree without knowing it as undergrads! There is nothing like a twin bond! Last year we spent our 1st birthday apart. It was the loneliest I have ever felt. She is the zig to my zag and I would be lost without her.”Halee Pucks


Mom Jennifer Navaro writes on Facebook, “Ofelia twin A has Autism and Julia twin B is typical and they are absolutely best friends! Ofelia has lots of meltdowns and struggles with even the littlest things like trying to dress herself, but Julia is always by her side encouraging her by saying things like you can do it sister and you're okay I will help you. It's almost like she's a second mama to Ofelia and these little girls make this mama super proud.”Jennifer Navaro


Mom Kanisha Nikki George writes on Facebook, "These are my identical 8 year old twin boys Ahmad and Ahmari. My family including myself still cannot tell them apart sometimes. My grandmother gets a black Sharpie and draws a big circle on the middle of ones forehead so she can tell them apart. They are very close yet fight all the time, everything is a competition!! They fight over everything from a who has more toothpaste on there toothbrush to who has more Frosted Mini Wheats in there bowl!!!! As soon as you separate the two they miss each other so much!"Kanisha Nikki George


Twin Danielle Renee writes on Facebook, “My twin sister, Kari Smith, and I. We've been best friends forever and still hang out almost every day, 28 years later. We've been pregnant together 3 times. Our youngest babies were due on the same day and born one day apart! And she just found out she's pregnant again! I hope she has twins - one for her and one for me!"Danielle Renee


Mom Renee Bergeron writes on Facebook, “These two aren't twins by biology, but are 'twins' by adoption. We adopted my son when I was 33 weeks pregnant with my daughter. I was able to breastfeed my son for a full year after his sister was born. These two (now 12) have always considered themselves twins.”Renee Bergeron


Mom Jennifer Coogins writes on Facebook, “My twins girls are sisters, best friends, and can be frenemies too--all at 2.5. They have a bond unlike any I have seen between other human beings. I've tries to take one to the grocery store who is grumpy and leave the other at home and both scream for each other-they don't want to be apart no matter the mood. They are our first children and we wouldn't have it any other way! It's a magical miracle to be blessed to watch!”Jennifer Coogins


Mom Kristan Levy writes on Facebook, “Our two sets of twins were both surprise twins (no family history and no medication) and are only 2 years apart! All fraternal and love each other to the ends of the earth. Sharing is another story!”Kristan Levy