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Check out 7 new toys to help your family have the best summer ever

School is out, summer is heating up and it's time to play. Here are some of the season's coolest new toys and games for the whole family.
/ Source: TODAY

School is out, summer is heating up and it’s time to play.

Meredith Sinclair of has rounded up some of the season’s coolest new outdoor toys and games for the whole family. She and the TODAY anchors watched as kids demonstrated them on a windy plaza Thursday.

Here are some of her picks:


Ziplines help improve strength, athletic skills, and balance all while riding on a seat just a just a few feet off the ground.

“(It) will make your backyard or your neighborhood an adventure park,” Sinclair said.

Prices start at $120 for a basic zipline and go up to $240 for the full glow in the dark Night Riderz LED Set. The kits include instructions on where and how to set-up a zipline, riding details, a 100-foot steel cable, rope, a fully assembled trolley, seat, and hardware. Suggested for ages 8 and up.


The popular sport of slacklining involves balancing on a flexible, narrow piece of webbing located a few inches above the ground and stretched between two anchor points.

“If you want to be Nik Wallenda, this is a good one,” Al Roker said. Willie Geist gave it a try without a training wire and was able to keep his balance for a few steps.

This challenging activity focuses on the core, which means it’s also a full body workout. Best for ages 5 and up, with retail price of $79.99.

Sidewalk art

“Sidewalk chalk is a summer staple,” Sinclair said. This year, kids can choose from lots of accessories that make it even more fun and creative. Check out these extras:

Crayola Outdoor Colorfoam $3.99

Crayola Rainbow Rake $9.99

Neon Chalk from $3.99

"The Claw" Chalk Paint Roller $6.99

Jumbo Paint Markers $4.99

Shake N Roll Chalk Paint Roller $5.99

Game Kicks By Skechers

Game Kicks is the new interactive kids shoe by Skechers that has a built-in game. Push a button and the footwear app turns on, challenging kids to a quick light-up memory game. It’s fun for travel and you can turn the sound on and off, Sinclair said. The shoes cost $65 and are meant for preschool and grade school kids.


The new game is like volleyball, handball and four square all in one. Sinclair called it the hottest new beach and backyard game. “It’s sort of like beach volleyball, but it’s portable,” she said. The game retails for $63.99 and is designed for tweens, teens and adults.

Water blasters

“You can’t have a summer without water blasters,” Sinclair said. Check out some of the options below:

Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Extinguisher $9.99

Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Dreadshot $14.99

Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast $19.99

Let there be light

Meanwhile, light-up outdoor toys are particularly hot this season, Sinclair noted. She suggested trying these:

Nerf Firevision Ignite Football $17.99

Nerf Firevision Ignite Nerfoop Set $14.99

Also, check out the Firetek Bow, a foam bow and arrow that features LED light-up power and travels up to 145 feet. For children 8 and up, and parents alike. Cost: $29.99.

The Firetek Rocket, which has lights and sounds, is ready for play day or night. The rocket flies up to 250 feet into the sky. For kids ages 8 and up. Cost: $14.99.