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Tori Spelling says her kids 'didn't recognize me' on 'Beverly Hills, 90210'

They had no trouble identifying her co-stars, but they couldn't find Mom.
/ Source: TODAY

Tori Spelling is one of the most recognizable stars from “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Just don’t tell her children that.

The actress, 46, told Australia’s "2DayFM Breakfast with Grant, Ed & Ash" that her kids couldn’t tell who she was the first time they watched the classic ‘90s drama.

"The first time I showed my oldest kids was probably four or five years ago and they're 11 and 12 now and they couldn't find me in it," Spelling said. "And they were watching a scene and I was like, 'OK, where's Mommy?' They're like, 'There's Jennie (Garth), there's Ian (Ziering),' and I'm like, 'And Mom...' and they're like, 'Nope!'

"They didn't recognize me," she said.

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling in 1992 and 2019

Spelling, who has five children with husband Dean McDermott, claimed her kids had trouble identifying her because her locks no longer look the same.

"'It’s because you have different color hair,'" Spelling said one of her daughters told her.

The actress has been the subject of countless rumors regarding plastic surgery over the years.

Spelling, who is gearing up for the upcoming “Beverly Hills, 90210” reboot, told USA Today in 2008 that she had a nose job and was asked what other cosmetic procedures she had undergone.

"A boob job. There it is. I finally said it," she said. "I wanted to come clean that I had my boobs done in my 20s, because people falsely write that I've had all these things done. I've had the two procedures that probably every other woman in Hollywood has had done."

Garth has also been the subject of curiosity regarding her appearance. In April, she posted a picture on Instagram with Spelling that left many people claiming it looked like her face had changed.

"Omg! You seem so fake!" read one of the many comments.

"Nope, I’m human," Garth, 47, fired back.

You can see for yourself what Spelling, Garth and the rest of the cast look like when the "Beverly Hills, 90210" reboot, known as “BH90210,” premieres Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.