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Dean McDermott opens up about kids' health problems after being bullied

McDermott said the episodes were so traumatic that both kids had to transfer to a new school.
/ Source: TODAY

Dean McDermott is shedding some more light on the bullying experienced by two of the kids he has with wife Tori Spelling.

On his “Daddy Issues” podcast Monday, McDermott said son Liam, 12, and daughter, Stella, 11, endured horrific incidents at school that left both of them sick.

“First, it was Stella. The things that this kid said to her were beyond. He called her the ‘C’ word, he made references about how much sex she has. … This kid made reference to plastic surgery that my wife hasn’t had and it being bad,” McDermott said.

“Where does an 11-year-old come up with that? The school, they did the right thing. This kid was removed after they talked to (him) and then he turned around and did it again to Stella.”

McDermott said the encounters shook Stella.

She had “PTSD and associated the school with something terrible happening,” McDermott said, adding she had to enroll in a new school. “It’s really messing with her emotionally. … All these hormones are going crazy with her body and then this happens.”

McDermott also said Liam, who is the oldest of the five children he shares with Spelling, has had his own bouts of being bullied for his weight and what he wore.

“They would hit him. He stuck it out for the longest time,” McDermott said. “Liam’s very stoic and he just kept it to himself.”

McDermott, who had previously spoken about how he had to talk to Liam about obesity comments directed at him, said it took all he had not to intervene.

“You want to grab (the bullies), especially me, (because) I’m a hothead," he said. "I want to shake these little f------, grab them by the scruff of their necks and tell them, ‘You’re messing with a really nice kid. Leave him alone.’”

McDermott said Liam had “headaches and stomach issues” and wound up leaving the school. He and his sister are now together in the same new school.

McDermott’s comments come on the heels of a long Instagram post by Spelling, in which she opened up about Stella and Liam’s experiences.

“My two 1st born... they have been thru so much bullying I can no longer not share and express ourselves,” she wrote alongside a picture of them as babies.

The couple has been vocal about anyone who has come down on their kids.

Spelling spoke out last September when someone on social media questioned her decision to let her daughters color their hair. She fired back a month later for a similar incident involving daughter Hattie.

In January of last year, McDermott couldn't contain his rage when commenters picked on his kids' bodies.

"I am absolutely horrified and disgusted by the comments being left about my children," he replied to a comment on Instagram. "Body shaming and bullying my children??!! What is wrong with you people??!!"

In 2018, Spelling put her foot down with negative comments made by others.

"I am a proud mama bear and I enjoy sharing our family journey with my family, friends, fans, and online supportive and loyal community," she wrote on Instagram. "And thank you to all the #mamabears out there. We always have each other’s backs! For all the individuals on here that felt the need to #momshame and #kidshame me and my children I say, 'Shame on you!'"

Spelling has said bullying has taken a toll on her and her family.

"I have dealt with it forever, but when they say things about your kids, you’re just like … 'What?' Everyone is so anti-bullying these days, but it feels like lately with celebrities, that doesn’t apply," she told Us Weekly last year. "You can say whatever you want about celebrities and their kids, their family, but you can’t say it anywhere else in any other profession."