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Tori Spelling responds to critics of her children's back-to-school pic: 'Shame on you!'

Do not poke this mama bear!
/ Source: TODAY

We love seeing celebrities sending their children off to school every year. And it's so great that so many of them share those bittersweet moments with us.

But sometimes, that can go awry. A slew of trolls has turned Tori Spelling's experience sending her brood off to school more bitter than sweet.

The former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star posted a picture of four of her five children all backpacked-up and ready to take on the new school year on Tuesday. And look at them! There's Liam, 11, and Stella, 10, plus Finn and Hattie, both 6. (Beau, 18 months, is still too young for school.)

But to the surprise of many, these totally normal-looking children suddenly came under fire with some cruel, thoughtless commentary.

They were called "disheveled and not entirely happy," "fat" and "unfit." Other commenters called her an "awful mother" and her husband, Dean McDermott, a "deadbeat."

Well, Spelling, 45, was not going to take that lying down, and fired back in the comments section.

"I am a proud mama bear and I enjoy sharing our family journey with my family, friends, fans, and online supportive and loyal community," she wrote. "And thank you to all the #mamabears out there. We always have each other’s backs! For all the individuals on here that felt the need to #momshame and #kidshame me and my children I say, 'Shame on you!'"

Fortunately, there was plenty of mama bear support. "They look like perfectly happy, healthy and normal children," wrote one fan. "Tori, you have a beautiful family. You should be proud and it's nice to see that your children are being raised to be down-to-earth and not all dolled up for the press."

And Spelling wasn't done. "I was raised to believe that if you can't say anything nice about someone then don’t say anything at all," she wrote. "The judgment here should be on your manners. Empowerment goes both ways. Lift others up and you in turn lift yourself up."