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Tom Arnold on why he dropped 100 pounds: 'Can't be a super old dad and a super fat dad'

Over the years, Tom Arnold has struggled with his weight. But since the birth of his son, the actor-comedian has turned his weight woes around: He's now dropped a total of 100 pounds.

"I ballooned up when my wife got pregnant," Arnold explained during a Wednesday visit to TODAY. "I gained 70 pounds."


Apparently, when his healthy-eater wife, Ashley, suddenly got some not-so-healthy cravings — like a hankering for French toast at 3 a.m. — Arnold joined in on the food fun.

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But all of that was before the birth of little Jax.

Tom Arnold and son Jax.Today

"Once I had my baby — it's my first child, he's 21 months — I said, 'You can't be a super old dad and a super fat dad. You've got to kind of pick one.'"

Since the 55-year-old wasn't getting any younger, the correct option seemed obvious. And his success is evident.


So how did Arnold do it?

"Honestly, I don't eat sugar and the gluten," he said. "I'm not allergic to gluten, but I thought I needed a parameter. … And I do a lot of cardio."

While he said he hasn't stepped on a scale since the holidays, Arnold is confident he's keeping the weight off.

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