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Told his little boy would die at 2, dad plans big adventure for son's 30th birthday

Chad Cloward decided to make his son's 30th birthday the most memorable yet.
/ Source: TODAY

Chad Cloward's son Dallan wasn't supposed to live past 2 years old.

But Dallan, who was born with a developmental disorder called called Wolf–Hirschhorn syndrome, defied the odds and is set to turn 30 next month.

So, to celebrate, dad and son planned 30 activities to do together leading up Dallan's big day on Aug. 12.

"I love watching Dallan continue to defy the odds," Chad told TODAY.

"It was important for me to do something special for him to mark the accomplishments he's made in his life so far and all he's done for me, too."

Dallan Cloward shortly after being born.Courtesy of Chad Cloward

For the big adventure, Chad came up with a few ideas himself before turning to Facebook to ask for more. He ended up getting hundreds of responses.

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People with Wolf–Hirschhorn syndrome typically experience delayed growth and intellectual disabilities. In Chad's case, he is very slight, only around 55 pounds, and he can't speak or walk long distances.

"One of his true miracles was he learned to walk at age 14 — almost all kids with this syndrome don't ever even sit up," Chad, 53, wrote on Facebook.

Dallan and Chad Cloward hiking the Grand Canyon.Chad Cloward

They duo embarked on their journey on June 27, driving from their home in Scottsdale, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon, where they camped and hiked.

Later, they rode four-wheelers around Utah's Snow College, where Chad, a real estate broker, went to school.

They also rode a roller coaster and took a train ride through Heber Valley and Provo Canyon in Utah.

Chad and Dallan on a roller coaster.Courtesy of Chad Cloward

"For Dallan, it's all about just having fun," Chad said.

Dallan's favorite activity so far was visiting the National Ability Center in Park City, where he fulfilled his dream of riding an adaptive bike.

Dallan in an adaptive bike at the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah. It has been one of his dreams to ride one.Courtesy of Chad Cloward

And the adventures are just getting started.

In the coming weeks, they plan to visit Disneyland, take a ride in an ultralight plane and trek to Mexico.

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Dallan also loves music, so Chad made a reservation at an oceanside Mexican restaurant where a mariachi band plays all night.

They're also going to take balloons to Phoenix Children's Hospital so Dallan can see what a hospital is like from a different perspective.

"I have no idea how long I have left with him," Chad said, "so I'm just trying to make the most of it."

Chad and Dallan Cloward driving through the West Coast.Courtesy of Chad Cloward