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Jenna Bush Hager’s rant about hard-to-assemble toys is all too relatable

Watch out, "Paw Patrol" tent! Jenna's coming after you.

After Jenna Bush Hager watched a video of Jennifer Garner struggling to get a sleeping bag back in its container, she slowly descended into a toy-loathing tirade for the ages.

As they watched Garner finally complete her sleeping-bag-containment mission, Jenna and Hoda Kotb had two very different reactions.

"She did it!" said Hoda triumphantly.

"That's all of us," Jenna said with increasing intensity, "with every toy, every jar ... "

"When your kid pees on a comforter and you wash just the outside because you're lazy," adds Hoda. Then you have to put the comforter back inside that big sleeve, whatever it's called, the duvet cover." Stuffing a comforter back inside a duvet cover is clearly not one of Hoda's favorite things.

"There's no good way to do it. It's doesn't work," she continued.

Then Jenna started attacking 4-year-old Hal's toys.

"Hal received a 'Paw Patrol' tent," she said, emphasizing every word, "because he's into Rubble and crew. And here comes the tent that's about $9.99. Do you know how long it took, how many people it took, to set that tent up?"

"No," Hoda said, looking slightly nervous about Jenna's depth of feeling.

"It's like, put the cord in this thing with this thing, and then they don't fit, and you're like, wait, does this thing go here? Or this?" she said. "And then to break it down?"

"No," said Hoda. "No. You have to throw it away after a while."

"I know," Jenna replied, throwing her hands up in surrender. "And then that's bad for the environment."

Hoda attempted to discuss her frustration at receiving presents with a thousand tiny pieces that fall on the floor, but Jenna would not be derailed.

"No offense. I love a Lego. I know it's good for our kids' brains," Jenna said, picking up steam. Her husband, Henry, is thrilled by the idea of doing Lego sets with Hal.

"And then it's a Monday," Jenna said, glowering. "And Henry is nowhere to be found. And Hal said, 'Can we do the Lego set?'"

Jenna takes a quick pause before continuing, "It's for 8-plus, and he's 4, and you're reading the instructions like ... 'A to B'? Where are my glasses? 'C to D?'" And of course, her son is looking at her "like there's something wrong with your fine motor skills ... when there are something wrong with my fine motor skills and I don't want to be doing that on a Monday. I want to be laying in bed watching 'Paw Patrol' in a tent I've closed in the closet."

Jenna paused to take a deep, withering sigh.

"Now don't you feel better you've vented?" Hoda asked. She attempted to move on but Jenna still has more to say.

"It is hard to put all that together," Jenna said.

"It is hard," said Hoda consolingly. "And they shouldn't put that kind of pressure. Sometimes I just leave it in the box and hope they forget about it."

Looking exhausted, Jenna said, "And by the way, the sleeping bag just gets thrown at the bottom of the closet."