Toddler tests out his eyebrows for the first time, giggles over his talent

Behold the power of eyebrows. In addition to being plucked, shaped and arched, they sure can be entertaining — and so can a toddler discovering the power of his facial expressions for the first time.

Watch this little boy giggling up a storm when he watches himself raising his brows in a mirror, to comedic effect.

Watch: See the video of the toddler discovering the hilarity of his eyebrows

The star of the video is Leon, who is 20 months old and lives with his family in Atlanta. His parents posted the clip Friday on YouTube, where it has already received almost half a million views.

"He just started doing this just then before I started filming," his father, Lucas MacEochaidh, told TODAY Parents. "He was laughing hysterically and had actually slowed down a bit by the time I got the camera out."

Just wait until he masters the art of raising one eyebrow, like Spock... or Al Roker. That may bring the house down.