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Toddler has the perfect reply to cashier who questioned her choice of doll

2-year-old Sophia was celebrating a big achievement with a new doll, and her mom never could have expected this cashier's reaction.
/ Source: TODAY

When 2-year-old Sophia achieved the goal of a month of successful potty training, her mother let her pick out a new doll at the toy store.

Then one cashier questioned Sophia's choice based on skin color, and the toddler's forthright response is going viral for the best reason.

"Are you sure that this is the doll you want, honey?” the cashier asked, according to Sophia's mom, Brandi Benner, who later described the encounter on Facebook.

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Sophia responded with a resounding, “Yes please!”

“But the cashier said, ‘But she doesn’t look like you. We have plenty of dolls that look like you,’” Benner said.

“Sophia said, ‘Yes she does. She’s a doctor — I’m a doctor! And she’s a pretty girl and I’m a pretty girl,’” explained Benner.

Benner said Sophia had been instantly drawn to that particular doll in the store. “She saw this doctor doll and goes, ‘Look mommy, these are big girls like me!’” Benner told TODAY. “We were just kind of browsing the whole aisle and she saw her and was like, ‘Mommy I want this one!’”

Benner and Sophia and her new doll went home and Benner posted the story on Facebook. People loved Sophia’s response.

“I’m just completely blown away by how much people have been touched by loving everyone,” said Benner. “I’m just so touched that people are so supportive of my daughter and her love of people.”