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Meet the 2-year-old going viral for her positive affirmations on social media

"You are bold, you are brilliant, you are beautiful," Aleksandra says in one video.
/ Source: TODAY

One Australian family is bringing smiles to people all over the world.

"The Dimi Family" have recently gone viral on social platforms TikTok and Instagram for posting daily affirmations from their 2-year-old daughter, Aleksandra.

"Hey!" the little girl starts each video, followed by an uplifting mantra.

"You are bold, you are brilliant, you are beautiful," she shared in a recent video.

She continued, "Today you will not let other people's words affect you. You are worthy of greatness!"

Nick and Sofia Dimitrievski run the account which features their family adventures with Aleksandra and their older daughter, Mila, 4.

"We started posting Aleksandra’s affirmation videos on TikTok and the response was overwhelming," Sofia Dimitrievski told TODAY Parents. "We had so many comments on how happy our videos made people, how it calmed their anxiety, and even saved their life."

The Sydney-based mom of two explained that the idea to post the daily affirmations stemmed from a heartbreaking life event: her brother's early death.

"Mental health is something very close to my heart," she explained. "I lost my brother ten years ago due to it and my daughter is named after him which makes this even more special because she is now helping spread love and joy to the world."

Dimitrievski told TODAY that her daughter enjoys making the videos, which are created in a single take.

"It’s crazy considering she’s a 2-year-old," Dimitrievski explained, adding that creation time is around five minutes per video. "That’s why I just know she was meant to do these messages so we can make people happy."

Aleksandra's positive affirmations have accrued thousands of views and comments on Instagram and over two million TikTok views.

"To know that my family, especially my daughter can make people’s days and lives better by bringing happiness into their home with our videos is honestly is the greatest gift we could ever receive," Dimitrievski said.