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Bloomin' hilarious! Toddler can't stop laughing when daddy blows on a dandelion

Remember the first time you learned you could blow away dandelion seeds? You probably didn't find it as hilarious as this little boy!
/ Source: TODAY

A day out with Dad in a field of dandelions — what could be more fun?

How about Daddy picking up one of those dandelions and blowing on it until it sends its seeds into the world?

It's a dream come true for adorable little Buzz Fletcher, who's riding on dad Tom's back when the fun begins, and his laugh will remind you of what true joy sounds like. His giggles get Daddy laughing, too!

"This is why being a dad is awesome," Fletcher wrote in the YouTube comments section. (In case his name seems familiar, Fletcher is in the pop band McFly.) "This is the first time my son Buzz has ever seen a dandelion ... I think he liked it."

Bonus: Check out Buzz's amazing chompers!

This little one definitely knows what it means to take time to stop and smell the roses. Or puff on the dandelions.

Check out the video!

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