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Toddler hilariously denies eating cupcake — despite being covered in icing

Even with the blue frosting all over his face, this little boy will never admit he ate the cupcake. Sorry, dad!
/ Source: TODAY

We've all been guilty of eating one too many sweets. There's no need to admit it now, but we know you've certainly been there, done that and deny it to this day.

Well, the little boy in the video below can certainly relate. When Jack's dad sees him in his car seat with blue icing smeared across his face, he naturally asks, "Hey Jack! Did you eat a cupcake?"

Jack adamantly answers, "No!" But his dad is not exactly convinced, and follows up with, "You didn't eat a cupcake?" Again, Jack quickly responds, "No, I want it at home." He sure is one heck of a little denier!

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Jack and his dad go and back forth, but Jack just won't budge on the fact that he didn't eat a cupcake — even with the blue icing all over his face. Sorry, dad, you're not winning this battle!

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It's just an adorable interaction between the father-son duo, and it's hard to be mad at a little toddler like Jack when he just answers so cutely each time. Watch it for yourself! We're sure your heart will melt.

If only adults were as cute when they deny taking too many cookies from the jar.