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This toddler really, really loves her undead zombie baby doll

Parker Eckstein, a 2-year-old TikTok star, is completely deadicated to Dolly and Sissy.
/ Source: TODAY

Meet Parker Eckstein and her ghoul friend!

The adorable 2-year-old is completely devoted to her “cweepy” zombie doll Dolly — and it’s making for some heartwarming viral videos.

In her mom's TikTok videos, Parker, who lives in Toronto, is seen brunching with Dolly, singing her to sleep and pushing her in a swing. Parker also insists that Dolly needs to be safely buckled up when she’s in a car.

It was love at first sight when Parker spotted Dolly in the Halloween section at Walmart last year, according to her mom, Kourtni Eckstein.

“I turned around and Parker was standing there with this creepy doll and she wouldn’t put it down,” Kourtni told TODAY Parents. “I was like, ‘Whatever. I’ll buy it for her. She’ll get over it in a day.'"

They've been inseparable ever since.

“Parker loves her Disney princess dolls, but they never leave the house. She takes Dolly everywhere,” Kourtni said. “Some people think it’s prompted, but trust me, you can’t get a toddler to do something they don’t want to do.”

Parker recently added a similar-looking doll named Sissy to the mix. Sissy is — you guessed it — Dolly’s sister.

“I love the fact that Parker doesn’t think there’s anything scary about Dolly and Sissy. The differences don’t scare her,” Kourtni explained. “I think her love for her dolls just shows that humans are not born to hate; hate is something that is taught.”

Kourtni frequently hears from parents who can relate to her videos of Parker playing with Dolly and Sissy.

“I swear she’s the same kid as my daughter. They had to have been connected in another life or something,” one person wrote on TikTok.

Added another, “My daughter had a scary doll she loved more than anything. I’m glad you let her be herself. My son had a shirt he carried around instead of toys.”

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