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This toddler hates cranberries but can't stop eating them

We sense this little one is in for a lifetime of risk-taking adventure!
/ Source: TODAY

Little Holden is hungry, and what's on offer? A glass of cranberries. Sour, sour cranberries.

And in this viral video, he just can't stop eating them — even though they clearly make him wince!

The expressive 2-year-old was filmed at Tango Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta in Canada, according to the YouTube description. We get to see him reach in for a berry, pop it into his mouth, and ever-so-briefly make the most disgusted, pained face ever.

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Then he goes back for more.

"Why are you doing that to yourself?" asks a voice from off-camera while everyone else around the child chuckles.

Admittedly, he gets a little sloppy after the first few, but still seems to be enjoying himself. Hey, kid, whatever works for you. There are plenty of odd-tasting foods out there in the world to explore, so may as well start early!

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