Sneaky toddler finds a clever way to break out of her baby gate

/ Source: TODAY

Toddlers are teeny enough to slip away unnoticed, but one little girl has taken it to a whole new level.

The tiny tot began to break out of her baby gate in a way so sneaky that it has some calling her a "Houdini" baby. Lucky for us, the whole thing’s been caught on tape!

First, she takes a red necklace and delicately places it right at the intersection of the lock and the gate door. The end of the necklace keeps the string in place as she pulls with all her might and manages to release the lock.

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And it’s not just the gate that gets in this baby’s way — the toddler found a way to escape the dreaded crib as well!

The daring daughter was caught making her way from the bed to the changing table by hoisting one leg up to the top of the crib and propelling herself high enough to crawl over what looks like a laundry basket.

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The prize at the end of the risky feat: the opportunity to play with her favorite toys!

We have to give it up for this little one because she definitely knows how to get what she wants — and she doesn’t need help from anyone else!