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See this toddler born with no arms help his baby brother with a pacifier

This sweet video of two young brothers has been viewed over 50,000 times.
/ Source: TODAY

Meet 3-year-old Camden and his baby brother Jaxton, who was born in July. If you look closely at the video of the two brothers rolling around on their backs, you may notice a small difference other their age gap.

Camden was born with Amelia-phocomelia syndrome, which is defined as the complete absence of the skeletal parts of a limb. He has no arms or legs. But that won't stop him from helping his little brother, who just wants his pacifier!

The video shows Camden rolling over and moving a nearby pacifier toward Jaxton's mouth, so that the baby's cries don't turn into a full-on meltdown. Jaxton isn't having it at first, but Camden shows a remarkable amount of patience and eventually — success!

The video was posted by mom Katie Whiddon on Instagram last week and has since gone viral, with over 53,000 views. Whiddon posts about her family's ups and downs on her blog, Admirably Diverse, and also includes stories about her daughter Ryleigh, 2.

Whiddon has written frankly on her blog about how she felt discovering Camden's abnormalities while he still was in the womb, and the struggle she went through in deciding to continue the pregnancy.

But once he came along, he turned out to be your typical boy ... with a few differences. As Whiddon wrote on her web site, "Despite Camden's limb difference, he is your typical three year old boy. He picks his nose, thinks farts are funny, never stops talking, and is always messing with his younger sister. He can draw, paint, sit up by himself, feed himself, wash his own face, brush his own teeth, climb up stairs, and so many other things."

Including, it seems, help mom with the latest addition to the family!

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