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By Rebekah Lowin

Note: This vote is now closed. Check back to for the bracket updates!

The best way we can think to kick off our #BestSummerEver? With toys, of course! There's nothing quite as fun as reliving our own childhoods through the eyes of kids.

Parents, we've already collected your nominations and picked the top 16 most revered gizmos and gadgets. We're ready to pit the toys against one another and start narrowing down the competition.

So, what will your first picks be for the title of "best toy ever"?

Vote in our initial bracket pair-up below, and be sure to come back week by week to see who's leading, who's losing, and who's out of the running entirely.

Only one toy can be crowned the absolute "best." Which will it be? (Be sure to click through the quotes and titles to read the full reviews!)

Play Kitchen and ColorformsAmerican Plastic Toys, Colorform

Play kitchen vs. Colorforms

Many TODAY viewers say that Colorforms "set kids' imagination alive." Others say that play kitchens allow kids to "immerse themselves in make-believe."

Shutterstock, Hasbro

My Little Pony vs. Toy drums

When it comes to My Little Pony, "cutie marks are only the beginning" for many TODAY fans. Others say toy drums are the best because "everyone can groove to the beat of a drum."

Lego, Shutterstock

Legos vs. Water toys

Many of you feel Legos "have helped connect generations." Others say water toys should win because "when warm weather rolls around, kids love nothing more than putting on their bathing suits and having a water fight in the backyard."

G.I Joe and Easy Bake OvenGetty Images, Hasbro

GI Joe vs. Easy Bake Oven

GI Joe toys "transport you into an imaginative world," while the Easy Bake Oven is a great way to "introduce kids to the fun of cooking their own food."

Dump Truck, Teddy BearShutterstock

Dump truck vs. Teddy bear

Many TODAY viewers say "a dump truck can be used for all sorts of things" beyond just dumping dirt. Others wrote in to tell us that teddy bears are the best because they are an "iconic friend for the ages."

Cardboard Box, Hot WheelsShutterstock, Hot Wheels

Cardboard box vs. Hotwheels

A lot of you felt that the best toys don't require "bells and whistles," vouching for the simple cardboard box as the "best toy ever." Others say Hot Wheels should take that title because "what they lack in size, these tiny cars make up for in possibility."

Ball and Barbie DollShuttestock, Hasbro

Ball vs. Barbie

While some feel strongly that Barbie "takes the cake for greatest toy," others thought we should all "catch the fun that simple balls are throwing your family’s way."

Baby Doll, MagnalitesShutterstock, Magnalites

Baby doll vs. MagnaTiles

Some TODAY viewers think MagnaTiles offer "endless possibilities." Others say baby dolls are the best toy because "kids love to pretend that they’re just like Mommy and Daddy."