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Tamron Hall: The special way my dad's legacy is with me every day

In TODAY's series "Lessons from Dad," Tamron Hall reflects on the important lessons her dad taught her.
/ Source: TODAY

With Father's Day this Sunday, TODAY's series "Lessons from Dad" gives Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall, Willie Geist, and Al Roker a chance to share what their fathers mean to them. On Wednesday, Tamron shared her feelings about her dad.

My dad was a fantastic father. I call him my dad: He is my stepfather, but I've always said that I was born to a different father, but God brought in the man who should be my dad — and that is Clarence Newton Sr.

Tamron Hall discusses how her father's sense of order and discipline impacted her life.TODAY

My dad spent his entire adult life in the military and he really brought discipline into my life.

I don't leave my house without making my bed because when my dad would come into my room, it was like Sgt. Newton was in effect.

I was notorious for eating cookies — surprise surprise, late at night. I would slide my dirty dish under my bed and my dad would go in my room with a fine-tooth comb, looking for everything, and then would inevitably find my stashed cookie plate.

It's so funny I ended up in morning TV because many of the things my father taught I implement daily. I've never missed my alarm. I've never been late for work even on my latest nights out.

Tamron Hall discusses how her father's sense of order and discipline impacted her life.TODAY

It's an order and a discipline that he brought to our lives. It pops up in the smallest of ways and then it pops up in monumental ways. I'm very proud that that's a part of his legacy that's with me everyday.

Since my dad passed away, every Father's Day has been difficult.

So while it's a celebration for dads and all they do, for those of us whose fathers have passed away, it means two things. It's a reminder that you had to say goodbye, but it's also through those tears, a chance to say, I love you. Thanks for you what you did.