Adorable in August: TODAY's Babies of the week

When you first become a parent, there are questions both big and small. Advice from some of the parents of this week's TODAY's Babies of the week confirm that it's best to just go with the flow.


As Jimmy and Ting Lao Yan, the parents of Ethan Yan, born June 25, point out: “The smallest things become utterly fascinating. Enjoy every single moment.” 

Standice Rumph Melvin and Derrick Melvin, parents of Derrick Edwin Melvin II, born June 16, say: “Don't worry about spoiling your baby, give them as many hugs and kisses as you want.” 

And Kelsey and Matt Weigel, the parents of Connor Ryan Weigel, born June 23, say: “Enjoy every minute... And also know it’s OKif things don't go as planned because that's what happens when you have kids... go with it!” 

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