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Dylan Dreyer opens up about end of maternity leave and return to TODAY

Dylan's looking forward to returning in just one week, but she says it's also "bittersweet."
Image: Today - Season 68
The meteorologist and 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host shares her thoughts as she enters her final week of maternity leave.Nathan Congleton/NBC
/ Source: TODAY

We’ve got good news: Dylan Dreyer will rejoin her TODAY family next week!

And according to the mother of two, who’s been on maternity leave since the birth of her son Oliver in January, her return to the show will be “bittersweet” — but not for the reason you might think.

“One week left of maternity leave!” Dylan wrote in alongside a sweet, new Instagram of Ollie on Monday.

“I remember at this point with Calvin, I was so emotional thinking about heading back to work," she added, referencing her older son, who's now 3.

Back in 2017, when Dylan returned to the show after her first maternity leave, she even shed some tears on air when her husband, Brian Fichera, said hi from home with baby Cal in his arms.

Dylan, husband + baby on facetime
Dylan tears up after seeing her husband, Brian Fichera, and son Calvin on Facetime when she returned from maternity leave on March 20, 2017.TODAY

But this time, the mixed emotions aren’t about leaving Ollie behind.

“Its very strange to think this time next week, my commute to work will be from my bedroom to my living room,” she wrote about the realities of quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s a bittersweet way to rejoin my @3rdhourtoday family…”

Ultimately, though, the meteorologist and co-host of the 3rd Hour of TODAY isn't focusing too much on that part of the new normal because she's "really looking forward to being with everyone again!"

Of course, we can’t wait to have her back!

And Fichera, who recently recovered from the coronavirus, might not mind the fact that, with her days filled with work again, Dylan will have less time for other pursuits — like quarantine haircuts.

Just last week, Brian shared a pic of his new ‘do: a buzz cut he playfully credited to his stylist, “Dylan Dreyer, the demon barber of Fleet Street.” The NBC News cameraman even joked that it left him looking "like a (Dateline) special."