TODAY fan gives birth after 'bucket list' plaza visit

Al has met all kinds of fans on the plaza over the years, but one woman who stopped by last week stood out: a very pregnant Liza Joseph, who swung by on her due date!

Being about to pop didn’t deter the expectant mom, who told Al Roker that meeting him was one of the items on her “pre-baby bucket list.”

"I guess you did it!" Al said.

At the time, Liza didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl. "I can't tell you! It's a surprise," she said. "I'll show you next time."

Liza with baby Elizabeth Shaw Joseph.

Always the weatherman, Al took the opportunity to give her a quick panic attack, joking, "Now wait, there's some water down there!"

Baby Elizabeth Shaw Joseph,

"Come on Al, you didnt," Savannah groaned back in the studio, as Matt deadpanned that Al had offered the perfect segue to their next topic: "When humor in the workplace goes too far."

Liza didn’t end up giving birth on live TV, but she did have her baby on Monday, and let us know that everything went smoothly!

“Elizabeth Shaw Joseph ("Ellie") finally graced us with her presence this afternoon at 7lbs 10 ounces,” Liza and her husband Shaw Joseph told TODAY via email.

The little girl was a week late, which prompted her parents to joke, “Please tell Al he is in good company with his late alarm," a nod to the incident earlier this month when Al overslept and missed his first show in almost 40 years.

“[Ellie] is already almost camera-ready, so when a new anchor position is available, give us a call,” the happy new parents added.

After all, how many TV presenters can say they made their first on-camera appearance while still in the womb?