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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

The baby whose dismayed reaction to her first bite of avocado went viral isn't the only one who looks adorable while trying new food.

So we thought it might be fun to ask members of our TODAY Parents page on Facebook to submit photos of their little ones trying certain foods for the first time. The results are hilarious (and a bit messy).

Read on for our favorites, and be sure to "like" TODAY Parents for a chance to see your own photos on or the TODAY show!

1. Not a huge carrot fan.

Katie Supnick

2. Caden looking terrified after his first sweet potato encounter.

Kelly O'Halloran

3. Peas, meet Juliana Grace.

Ashley Cavazos

4. Avocado strikes again.

Lindsay Hessling

5. Sweet potato face.

Katy Weber

6. Carrot juice is very suspicious.

Donut & Nico

7. You just can't be sure what's going to happen when you eat apples.

Jessica Atherton

8. Brodie wore more avocado than he ate.

Megan Reese

9. Alaskan sockeye salmon spread. This guy'll eat anything.

Jasper Amelia Marie Rodgers

10. Bananas were not a hit.

Sara Hammond

11. Mixed feelings.

Andrea Leach

12. We think she's a fan.

Brittany Boyd

13. Blueberries were a win!

Rosellen 'Petrillo' Miller

14. Ice cream sandwiches are cool by this guy.

Terry Tina Walters

15. Blech.

Estrella Rodriguez

16. Pears. Never again.

Kimberly Seibert

17. The technique may be off, but we think corn's a hit with this one.

Kim French Biddle

18. Sweet potatoes?! I think not.

Jenni Costa