TODAY anchors answer questions about their own mothering experiences

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Being on the air doesn't mean you have everything all figured out like a Hollywood movie script.

For Mother's Day, the TODAY anchors -- all moms this year -- answered questions about motherhood from the TODAY parenting team.

Hoda Kotb may be new to motherhood, thanks to welcoming daughter Haley Joy into her life just this February. But her advice was as sage as that of any experienced parent. When asked if she had learned life lessons from Haley and from looking at the world through her eyes, Hoda had a definite positive response.

"Yes, I have," she said. "I've learned that all the best days of our lives are ahead. I used to think that a lot of them were in the rear view, they're ahead. And I also realize that the small, tiny little things, like when I say to her, 'Look at your dog!' and she bursts out laughing, that's the happiest point in my day. So I'm realizing that you find joy in the tiny, little, itty-bitty things in life, not the big ones."

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Dylan Dreyer, Savannah Guthrie, Sheinelle Jones, and Kathie Lee Gifford also take on our questions -- and watch carefully for a surprise visit by Al Roker, peeking over Sheinelle's shoulder!